Dru Yoga Classes & Meditation
"Dru" is derived from the Sanskrit word "dhruva' and refers to the "still point" that emerges spontaneously whilst experiencing Dru yoga and meditation. The flowing sequences are performed in "tai chi" like moves that allow the free flow of subtle energy.

Dru yoga is firmly rooted in hatha yoga with classical yoga postures and pranayama.

Classes are adapted to the level of the students and usually include flowing Energy Block Release Sequences which release tension and bring about harmony and balance to mind, body and emotions. These sequences are followed by traditional yoga postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama), deep relaxation and meditation.

Dru yoga enhances spinal health and core stability as all movements originate from the spine. Other benefits include:
-  Improved posture, balance and muscular strength
-  Stronger abdominal muscles and improved pelvic alignment
-  Nourished intervertebral discs creating a healthy  spine
 -  Reduced fatigue through more conscious use of energy
-  Increased flexibility
-  Increased  circulation, lymph flow and oxygenation of tissues
-  Slower, deeper breathing
-  Relaxed nervous system
-  Lower stress hormones
Class Timetable:


The Wellbeing Centre (Stone Cross)

Tuesday  18.00 - 1900   TRADITIONAL YOGA FOR ALL   Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne

A traditional yoga class with focus on postures (asana), deep relaxation and meditation . Experience greater strength,  flexibility and inner stillness. Suitable for beginners who are happy to join those with more experience.

Wednesday 10.40-11.40   TRADITIONAL YOGA FOR ALL   Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne
Enjoy a more traditional yoga class with focus on postures (asana), deep relaxation, meditation and chanting. Allow yourself to deeply relax into a place of more flexibility, strength and inner stillness. Merge with the sound of the waves as you deepen your practise.

Wednesday 13.30-14.30  MIND & BODY YOGA  Natural Fitness Centre  Eastbourne.

A gentle, therapeutic, Dru Yoga class for all, especially helpful for chronic pain, fatigue or prolonged stress.  Many students from the Friday class enjoy this as an alternative for a little more one to one attention and guidance with restorative postures. 

Thursday  16.45-17.45  

Specially created for those who just need to relax  through gentle yoga, breath awareness and meditation.

  Release stress and tension of the  day as you journey through  yoga stretches and postures, breathing techniques and meditation  to a place of inner stillness.

 Client Testimonial     "My first meditation/yoga class Thursday; Such a wonderful atmosphere here, right by the sea where my spirituality thrives at its mo. The staff are so welcoming as was my group, everyone really has a deep compassion and empathy for one another. Jan is a wonderful mentor a very warm and gentle soul, she really cares for those she teaches, a very inspiring lady. I reached a very deep, connected level of subconsciousness I had not yet been able to achieve during my home practices. I am very excited to explore this more alongside my peers and Jan. Wonderful experience, very excited to return to next weeks session."                                              V.B Eastbourne

Friday 11.45-12.45    TYPICALLY DRU. YOGA.   Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne
Suitable for beginners and those who want to create a  healthy  spine, improve posture, core stability, flexibility and muscle balance. All levels welcome as you will be shown variations from simple to more advanced. Experience flowing Energy Block Release sequences, asanas, pranayama, deep relaxation and meditation.

SUMMER RETREATS  10.00 - 16.30  Dates for 2017 to be confirmed.

A day of energising yoga in the morning and restorative yoga in the afternoon with breathing techniques, meditation and a deeply relaxing sound bath to bring you to a place of inner stillness. 

Organic teas, soft drinks, fruit, cakes and cookies will be available. A £15 non - returnable deposit will secure your place with the balance of £40 by September 20th. Or take advantage of our early bird offer and pay just £50 in full before August 31st. The Wellbeing Centre is at Glynleigh organic farm, Hailsham road, Stone Cross, BN24 5BS. 

Please reply as soon as possible and let us know if you need further details.

Contact details:
Maria 07795597626 or phoenix29@live.co.uk

Jan 07852992150 or jayjan21@gmail.com


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