Dru Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy involves a more detailed assessment process than the 1-1 personalised yoga sessions. and  includes more observation of your general flexibility and practical advice for back care. There may   be a brief Ayurvedic assessment to give a wider perspective and understanding of your area of imbalance.  We will  discuss your specific needs and create a plan for a number of weeks or, if you prefer, individual sessions as required.

The initial session  will include  yoga for home practice which may involve  strengthening postures, or those that encourage flexibility or are primarily restorative in nature.

Your yoga "prescription" will include the relevant warm up exercises
for the sequences or  postures (asanas) that will be most beneficial for you. These asanas will encourage flexibility, core strength and a healthy spine.  Breath awareness will be introduced with the postures and more specific breathing techniques (pranayama) which can help with stress related conditions, pain relief and asthma.  (Please visit the Testimonials page to discover more of what you might experience).

Yoga Therapy can help with physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Dru yoga brings an awareness on all levels and guides you towards the still point of inner calm. 

 60 mins           £49
 75 mins           £56                                               
 90 mins           £65


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