Personalised  1-1 Dru Yoga Sessions 
To begin your yoga session I may use colour and intuitive analysis to assess the flow of energy through the body and chakras (energy centres located along the spine). This indicates which areas are in need of support. (For example, if the base chakra is out of balance we may experience fear, insecurity and challenges with the feet, knees and hips) 
You will then learn specific yoga postures or sequences, breathing and relaxation techniques to balance the chakras and re-direct the flow of energy and  help you to  feel more energised and able to respond to life with greater awareness and ease.

- Improve muscle balance of       strength and flexibility
- Discover how to keep your energy    flowing for greater vitality
- Feel emotionally balanced with yoga postures and techniques to practise at home.  Experience improved physical, mental and emotional health. Rest in the stillness of being.
If you would like to include some aromatherapy massage at the end your session, it would be advisable to book an hour and a half to give yourself time to relax and enjoy the complete yoga therapy experience.    

YOGA  1-1 

 45 mins           £42
 60 mins           £49
 75 mins           £56                                               
 90 mins           £65  (can include 20 mins massage)

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