Yoga Therapy for Fibromyalgia and pain

"Having been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and being in constant pain, I decided to take up yoga, the once a week session I attend is very helpful but I wanted to learn how to do it at home. I booked a one to one session with Jan Styles. On that day I could hardly walk with the pain in my legs and back, Jan practiced yoga Nidra to relax me. An amazing experience, I left that session one hour later completely free from pain, I practically skipped down the road after it, managed my heavy weekly shop and slept very well that night. I cannot explain in words how this happened but I felt like I was having an out of body experience, like I was detached from my body, you have to listen and stay focussed to gain the best from the session. I highly recommend anyone with emotional or physical pain to try this form of yoga. I have not as yet mastered this at home but will keep trying..."

T. K , Eastbourne


"My first meditation/yoga class Thursday; Such a wonderful atmosphere here, right by the sea where my spirituality thrives at its mo. The staff are so welcoming as was my group, everyone really has a deep compassion and empathy for one another. Jan is a wonderful mentor a very warm and gentle soul, she really cares for those she teaches, a very inspiring lady. I reached a very deep, connected level of subconsciousness I had not yet been able to achieve during my home practices. I am very excited to explore this more alongside my peers and Jan. Wonderful experience, very excited to return to next weeks session  (smile emoticon)"     

V.B  Eastbourne

Lavera Uplifting Facial

"I experienced the Lavera Uplifting Organic Facial for the first time.  I was suffering with emotional stress, and my face looked tired and dehydrated.  The facial was very calming, and I was able to completely relax during the therapy.  Afterwards, I felt as if I would float back home, my skin looked fabulous, glowing and radiant.  The dark circles under my eyes had disappeared, along with the fine lines across my face, I looked 10 years younger!  A very relaxing therapy with great results."

 M.W. Eastbourne

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