Aromatherapy and Colour Aromatherapy

A combination of acupressure, neuro-muscular massage and essential oils  helps to rebalance the nervous system and induce a sense of well-being to mind, body and emotions. 

Two similar treatments of relaxing face and body massage using essential oils which are the “essence” of a flower, herb, resin or fruit.  When inhaled during a massage treatment, the effects on our moods can be instantaneous. 

 Aromatherapy may help muscular tension, headaches, insomnia and many stress-related conditions.

Colour Aromatherapy is the perfect way to relax and restore inner harmony. 

The pink vibration of rose essential oil opens the heart to feel compassion for ourselves and others whilst the green vibration permeates the nervous system to calm, balance and heal.

Experience this specialised treatment of Colour Aromatherapy, a relaxing face and body massage with essential oils blended according to their colour vibration.  An initial consultation reveals your personal therapeutic blend. 

45 mins        £42

1 Hr             £50        

1Hr 15 mins  £60 (recommended for Colour Aromatherapy)

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