About Us
 Hi! Welcome to my website! My name is Jan Styles and I  am based at the Natural Fitness Centre in Eastbourne as  a yoga teacher and aromatherapist. 
 I began teaching Dru yoga in 2009 and  spent a year in Post Graduate training in yoga therapy for back care.                                                
I qualified as an Aromatherapist over 30 years ago, and now specialise in colour aromatherapy and the balancing psychological effects of the essential oils.            

My passion as an aromatherapist and Dru yoga teacher has inspired me to create a unique treatment experience which combines intuitive colour analysis, yoga therapy and massage (click on Yoga-Personalised Sessions for more details). 

Through ongoing study of energetic healing and Spiritual Psychotherapy, I have gained both understanding and experience of how we create health and harmony (or lack of) in our lives.

My background in  Paediatric Nursing and  more resent completion of a Diploma in Holistic Diagnostic Skills has given me a balanced perspective and the ability to advise clients which Complementary Therapies would be of most value and when medical intervention is necessary.
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